Putra Muzhafar Taking This Time To Say Goodbye And Detox

Shutting The Whole World Outside

I’m leaving everything to the test of time. I just want to be me, myself and, I.

I guess we’ve heard that a lot. But during this pandemic season, I feel the need to detach myself from everything and give my full attention to spirituality, and emotional state.

The harsh reality and truth is that nobody really cares about you, more than you do about yourself.

By now I feel that I’ve given my best in everything I do and just want to simply live life on my own terms and decide only what I want for myself.

The main focus out of this so called “mini project” is to, reconnect back on an emotional, as well as spiritual level, which I might have ignored in the past and to fully immerse myself back again to my optimal level of participation in life.

I know, maybe by writing this, I might sound a little off – I promise you, I am 100% fine.

Because the reality now is that, everyone, everywhere I go, people tend to focus more on finance or basically, SURVIVAL, right now.

Cos, we got to make a living. But by putting that “$$$” onto the same level as ones happiness, is not going to cut for me – personally.

People are trying to take massive advantage of this whole COVID-19 situation and turn it into a money making system, and trying to burn other people’s wallet just so they can live by.

I’m not being negative, but I fully 100% condemn this type of behaviour.

So that is why, I’m taking this opportunity, with this “circuit-breaker” situation taking place set forth by the Government, I am going to take this time to focus on myself.

I am just truly grateful that Singapore is not under a full lockdown.

Although with the situation getting worse and there might be a reason to go there, I will say this now, I won’t be here to experience it.

Cheers and have a great circuit-breaker experience!

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One Comment

  1. Can’t agree More.

    Nobody cares 🙁 and

    there are things that are just not right and it is like you said Taking advantage of this situation by selling covid-19 stuff or as an example designer masks.

    It just looks like as long as one is well one behaves this way.

    Taking time Off is not a bad idea.

    And that money thing, people Need money To some extend, to survive, not to make everything worse.

    I Will view you on Facebook. Noticed you have some Videos there. Learn more about you and what you do.

    Always nice To find people of value.

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