Wah! This New Look On Me Turns Out Good!

Putra Muzhafar loving his new found design for overall web outlook. Find out more in this latest post with freebies he's giving away!

It’s time to make it great – little by little.

As I’m working out on the backend and technicalities and functions and funnels and blah blah for my web, (lol just wanted to make it sound like I’m doing a lot) I would also like to share some tips, ideas yada yada yada and all the good stuff for everyone to benefit from.

I’m even looking forward to creating a series of info products for marketers (noob to pro) to use. There may be free, some I might charge a fee for it. Let’s be honest, I got to make a living too, right?

But my bottom line, my core vision in life is to help individuals out there, who are like me, eager, fired and full of excitement in them, from being a general employee to creating wealth online. Be it if you are just completely starting out, know nothing about blogging, digital marketing, media buys etc. or if you are a totally seasoned marketer, you would even benefit from this website.

Because, we all learn from each other right? And I want to help push others up a level because that is exactly what I believe in. Helping one another succeed so when in times of hardship, we no longer need to rely on a job income.

So because I’m feeling all giving today while I’m writing this post, I wanted to offer anyone who is reading this, a complete full fledged professional WordPress theme by ElegantThemes – Divi.

You can give that a Google search and you’ll see that many other creators out there, such as myself are using this beautiful theme, because the best part of owning a full agency license is that you get full unlimited theme functions and customisations.

That means, if you don’t like a certain part of your page, you can point click and edit anything you want. And this is only available with The Divi Theme and Divi Builder which is all bundled together. Not that I’m saying all other WordPress themes are lousy but at times, that’s just the fact.

The theme and web design you see right now is all designed by Divi, and of course, by yours truly.

And…I want you to have a copy too! For free.

I bought it at a special one time only lifetime price, back when it was still new and in development, at the price of about $250USD, if I can remember right. But I want to hand it to you, for FREE.

How To Get Your Copy of Divi Theme For Free?

I’m only opening this up to avid readers of my blog and those who especially follow me on my socials and been following me since. Follow the steps below to see if you qualify for a copy;

  1. Click here to my contact page (Opens in a new tab.)
  2. Fill up the contact form.
  3. In the Message field, add a “Divi Theme For Me?” text at the top.
  4. And tell me a little bit about yourself such as what you do etc.
  5. And lastly, tell me why you should be given this Divi Theme for free. 😝


You can comment down below on this post with the exact same details as above.

That’s all for today’s entry, I wish you the best if you applied to get the Divi Theme.

Till my next post, stay smiling!

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What I love to do is, to help others achieve more in life. It makes me happy to know I've sparked a fire in someone to start achieving more in life.

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