Putra Muzhafar New Look With New Journey To Making Money Online
/ / Lost: Putra Muzhafar. If Found, Please Send Help.

Lost: Putra Muzhafar. If Found, Please Send Help.

That’s right, it took me quite a long while to decide if I should delete my old face off the internet, start a new journey and begin fresh.

Eventually, I made my final decision. I deleted everything off my server – this includes all my old files, photos, documents, everything you can imagine – to begin what we all like to call, a fresh start.

Clean slate

It feels great being able to leave something of the past where it truly belongs – the past. And there’s a couple reasons why I did this…

Well, number 1) I want to kill all my procrastination. 2) Give myself that hope of a better future. 3) Motivation.

I guess I will explain this in a later post or video depending on my mood. For now, let me get busy and working on the backend stuff of this whole new journey.

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