Coronavirus (COVID19) Update

Nah, did you really think I was gonna give you some insights on the whole pandemic that’s going on?

Nope, not really. But here’s what I had in mind, and why I think I should pen down my thoughts.

The World Is Going Through A Huge, Factory Reset.

And here’s what I mean – businesses are forced to close down, employees are encouraged to work from home (WFH,) students are learning through Home Based Learning (HBL,) airlines shut down because people are not travelling, everyone is encouraged to #StayHome #StaySafe.

Now, despite the fact that Singapore did not, and I mean, DID NOT, announced a full complete country lockdown, instead, we called it – Circuit Breaker, yeah cool name – I know.

This is simply, to flatten the curve of the virus spreading and I must say, we did the right, and the good thing too. However, my heart goes out to our dear foreign workers who are infected and are all forced to stop construction work. No work, no money, how to send money back home to their families?

Without them, Singapore won’t be the city we know that it is now.

While this whole “factory reset” is taking place, I’m grounded with no flights to operate at all, however, I see the positive side of things.

Because truly, I believe that in every negative situations, there are bound to have little positivity one can bring out of it. I get to spend the whole month, with my family. Isn’t that a good thing?

We get to spend more time, indulging in spiritual activities in this holy month of Ramadhan, together, as a family. In every difficult times, the Universe gives us an opportunity to go through it, with ease. I just wish everyone can see this the same. Let me not get too detailed on religion because I’m not that type of person.

But I’m just sharing what I feel is worth sharing. If you don’t like it, #SilaMeninggal. Ye la, tinggal kan this page! Sorry I wrote in bahasa melayu abit.

While everything is at a complete standstill…

I still see people heading out, and bringing families around despite the fact that we are all told, to #StayHome! Some even pretend like nothing is happening, and that they are somehow “immune” to the virus. Let’s not take this moment, and things in this situation for granted, okay?

We’ll never know when our time will come. In these times of hardship, we need to double down on everything – and I don’t mean on business, investment or that kind of shit.

Double down on appreciation of the situation…

Double down on…

  • Gratitude and being grateful that we’re still living, even in times like these…
  • Reading, gaining more knowledge and share with the world…
  • Taking care of your loved ones… (surprise them with a food delivery! They’ll love it.)
  • Especially more than ever, take good care of your health! Time to eat healthy, plan your meals etc.
  • Learn a new language!
  • Start journaling!
  • Get on video if you’ve been meaning to!

See, there’s so many things you can do even in such times of crisis! Don’t listen or read too much of the media. It’s too full of negativity.

Instead, what you should do is, always be asking yourself, “How can I move forward right now?” Ask yourself…

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