Use Negativity for Productivity

Shit is hard.

Negativity hits all of us.

There is no hiding.

There is no running.

There is no protection.

We all get it…

And we all have to deal with it.

HOW we deal with it is a completely different story.

Losers take negativity and pout, cry, whine, bitch, and complain…

They make themselves a part of the problem by passing the bullshit along to anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path.

It’s everyone and everything’s fault but their own.

Winners are different…

They take negativity and turn it into productivity…

I call this a “Production Pivot”.

They don’t get any less pissed.

They don’t get any less frustrated.

They don’t get any less angry.

The difference is when winners get pissed…

They harness that fire…

And put it into actions that will improve their position in life.

They read.

They learn.

They send an extra email.

They make an extra call.

They shake an extra hand.

They send an extra thank you.


Because winners KNOW the only way to win is to improve, progress, and execute.

They hustle harder…

And move faster than the next guy, because they know how to utilize the Production Pivot.

So the next time you’re bitching, remember that your competition is likely using the same negative energy they have been dealt to move past you.

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